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What is BOP/PLEP?

Base of Plasm/ Plasma Light Emitting Polymer

The BOP / PLEP technology is currently the most innovative in the field of lighting.
It has been designed under chip technology, temperature control and substrate packing. These advances allow the modeling of more efficient light sources and a higher luminous flux.
They also allow to reduce the thermal resistance between the chips and the heat sink, making it easier to control the temperature at the point of attachment.
An encapsulated mixture is obtained, whose luminous efficiency exceeds the current
parameters of conventional luminaires, achieving the highest standards of quality and energy savings.
That is why BOP technology has positioned itself in the lighting market as a highly competitive ecological product.


Certifications and Patents

All our products comply with the NOM ANCE and the Japanese Standard. In addition, in addition to being registered in the international standards FIDE, UL, SA, CCC, CB, FC, RoHS, WEEE and Superior Brand.

We have Japanese and Chinese patent. The Mexican is in process.



  • Minimum saving of 60% -70% compared to traditional luminaires and 30% against LED lighting.
  • 100,000 hours guarantee = 11 years 24/7.
  • Power Supply with high power factor and low harmonic distortion.
  • Light efficiency greater than 153 lum / watt.
  • Product adaptable to cabinets.
  • Maintenance free, minimum 5 years
  • Low CO2 emission
  • easy installation.

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